9 Reasons Why You Should Get A Black Great Dane?

Do you know that the Black Great Dane is one of the 7 colors of the Great Dane? Black Great Dane is becoming increasingly popular day by day. There are many reasons behind this but one most obvious reason is its glossy black color.

They are also loyal, and protective, which make great family pets. If you’re considering getting a dog, you should definitely consider a Black Great Dane. This blog will tell you all about the Black Great Dane.

Black Great Dane dog
Black Great Dane dog

Black Great Dane: Basic information

Basic information

  • Dog Breed Group

    working dogs
  • Height

    Male 30-32 inch
    Female 28-30 inch
  • Weight

    Male 140-175 lb
    Female 110-140 lb
  • Lifespan

    7-10 years
  • Hypoallergenic

  • Coat Type

  • Coat Length

  • Coat Color

    Glossy Black
  • Litter Size

  • Country of Origin

  • Other names

    German Mastiff
    German Boarhound
    Deutsche Dogge
    Grand Danois

Great Dane Black: Breed characteristics


  • Family-friendly

    Black Great Danes are one of the most popular family dogs. They’re usually friendly and good with kids, making them a great choice for families. These dogs also make great watchdogs, as they’re very alert and protective of their homes.
  • Dog friendly

    There is no denying that the black Great Dane has a great reputation for being friendly with other breeds. And there’s good reason for it – these dogs are normally very sweet and gentle
  • Strangers friendly

    They are known to like strangers and typically behave well with visitors.
  • Kids friendly

    Black Great Danes are usually good with children, but they should be supervised when around small pets as they can be protective of their territory.
  • Cat friendly

    Can black Great Dane live with cats? A black great dane may not always be the best choice for a family that has cats. While they are gentle by nature, their size and strength can make them a threat to smaller animals. They may unintentionally hurt a cat while playing.

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Physical Needs

  • Exercise needs

    Black Great Danes are known to require a lot of physical activity, and a brisk walk or two each day is recommended. If your schedule doesn’t allow for regular walks, make sure to provide your Great Dane with plenty of toys and other activities to keep them occupied.
  • Energy level

    Are you looking for a dog that is energetic, high energy and can provide plenty of fun? If so, the black Great Dane may be the right choice for you! These dogs are known for their immense energy and love of life.
  • Playfulness

    When it comes to being playful, the black Great Dane is hard to beat. This breed is known for its lively and playful nature, making them great companions for anyone who wants an animal that is always up for a game. Whether you’re looking to take your dog for a walk or have them participate in some fun activities, the black Great Dane will be sure to have plenty of fun.

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  • Easy to train

    Black Great Danes are considered one of the easiest breeds of dogs to train. They are loving and friendly and will respond well to consistent training. If you’re looking for a loyal friend, a black Great Dane is an excellent choice.
  • Intelligence level

    Black Great Danes are considered to have a low intelligence level by many dog experts.
  • Barking tendencies

    Black great Danes are known for being loyal and protective and make great watchdogs. They are also known for being vocal and tend to bark and howl a lot.

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Health N Grooming Needs

  • Easy to groom

    Black Great Danes are short-coated, which makes them very easy to groom.
  • General Health

    Black Great Danes are generally considered healthy dogs. The most common health concerns for black Great Danes are bloat, cardiomyopathy, and hip dysplasia.
  • Shedding level

    If you’re thinking about getting a black great dane, you should know that they are moderate to heavy shedders. This means that you’ll probably find hair all over your house, on your clothes, and on your furniture. shedding is just part of life with a black great dane. But if you can’t handle a little (or a lot) of hair, then this isn’t the breed for you.

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  • Apartment friendly

    While the black great dane may be an impressive dog, it is not the best pet for an apartment family. This breed is very vocal, and their deep barks can echo through an apartment complex, disturbing neighbors’ peace. In addition, they are high-energy dogs that require a lot of space to run and play. A small apartment just won’t provide enough room for them to be happy and healthy.
  • Good for new owner

    A black great dane is not a good choice for first-time dog owners. These dogs are high energy and require a lot of exercise. They are also very strong and can be difficult to control.
  • Sensitivity level

    The black great dane is a highly sensitive dog that is prone to anxiety and stress. He is a gentle giant that wants to be loved and will do anything for their family.

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Tolerance Level

  • Being alone

    If you’re thinking about adopting a black Great Dane, be prepared to provide them with plenty of companionship. These dogs are social creatures who need attention and interaction to stay happy. left alone for too long, they can become depressed or anxious.
    So if you work long hours or frequently travel, a black Great Dane might not be the right pet for you.
  • Hot weather

    When the weather is hot, black great Danes are especially prone to overheating. They should be kept cool, and their exercise should be limited in order to prevent heat stroke. Their dark coat absorbs more heat than lighter-colored dogs, and they can easily overheat if they exercise too much or are left in a warm environment.

  • Cold weather

    Black great Danes are a popular breed of dog, but they can be sensitive to cold weather. A black great Dane coat or jacket can help keep your dog warm in colder temperatures

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  • Drooling potential

    If you are searching for a dog that does not drool much then black great dan is not for you.
  • Territorial nature

    Great Danes can be fiercely territorial when it comes to their home and family.
    As one of the most loyal dog breeds around, Great Danes will do whatever it takes to protect those they love. If they sense that their family is being threatened, they will spring into action without hesitation. And while their bark may be worse than their bite, make no mistake – these dogs mean business when it comes to defending their turf.
  • Watchdog ability

    If you’re looking for a big, watchful dog to protect your home, a black Great Dane may be the right breed for you. Great Danes are known for being gentle giants, and their size alone is enough to deter most would-be intruders.

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9 Facts Why You Should Own a Black Great Dane

  1. Family-friendly
  2. Kids friendly
  3. Pet friendly
  4. Playfulness
  5. Energy level
  6. Easy to train
  7. Watchdog ability
  8. Territorial nature
  9. Easy to groom

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Final thought

I hope you enjoyed my blog about black great Danes. Great Danes are very personable, they can make excellent family dogs, and they have a really playful personality. If you are thinking of getting a Dane, they are the perfect breed! You can read more about them in my blog post. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Thank you for reading, I would love to hear from you!

Faq about Great Dane Black

What are black Great Danes called?

A black Great Dane is simply a Great Dane that has a glossy black coat. Though they may look different than other Great Danes, they are still the same breed and have the same personality traits and characteristics.

How much is a black Great Dane?

Prices for black Great Danes can range from $750 to $3000, depending on the breeder, the dog’s lineage, and other factors.

What breed is a black Great Dane?

There are many breeds of Great Danes, but the black Great Dane is one of the most popular. It is a one color of the 7 breeds of great dane.

Are black Great Danes rare?

Yes, it is true that black Great Danes are considered rare. In fact, black is one of the rarest colors for this breed. Great Danes come in a variety of colors, but black is definitely one of the most unique and striking. When it comes to choosing a Great Dane, many people consider black to be the best option.

Why is my black Great Dane turning brown?

If you’ve noticed that your black Great Dane is starting to turn brown, you may be wondering why this is happening. There are a few possible explanations for this change in coat color.

One possibility is that your dog is simply getting older. As they age, many dogs will start to develop a more salt-and-pepper coat, with the black hair gradually turning gray or brown. This is perfectly normal, nothing to be concerned about.

The second possibility is that something in your dog’s diet has changed. So before changing the diet of your dog do talk to your vet about changing their diet.

Do black Great Danes shed?

Yes, black Great Danes do shed. While they don’t shed as much as some other breeds, they still require regular grooming to keep their coat healthy and free of tangles. Their short, dense coats are easy to care for with weekly brushing and the occasional bath.

Is a black Great Dane a good first dog?

Unfortunately No, A black Great Dane is not a good first dog. They are highly energetic and need a lot of exercise. They also need to be trained properly. New owners should not get a black Great Dane if they are not prepared to handle them.

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