Why Should You Get A Bichon Frise? Know before buying

The Bichon Frise is a hypoallergenic dog breed that is a very friendly breed that loves to be around people. Brison is a small, fluffy white dog with a gentle disposition. They are very tiny dogs, usually less than 10 pounds in weight, making them perfect for apartment living or traveling by air.

These dogs are most happy when they are doing something, which makes them well suited to training in activities like agility in which they must listen to their owner in order to perform commands. It is a very friendly breed that loves to be around people.

They are often called “the clowns of the dog world”.

Brison dog

In this article, we are going to study Health And Grooming Needs, Trainability, Physical Needs, History, Size, Personality and many other things about of Brison dog.

History of Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a breed of hunting dog originating in France that has been around since the 18th century. They were bred for various types of hunting, including fox hunting, stag hunting, and more.

They are medium to small in size with some reaching heights of 45-50cm at the shoulder.

Size, Height, and Weight

Bichon Frise is a small type of dog. The small size is the main feature of this dog. In fact, this dog is known as the third smallest dog in the world. Its weight will be about 6 kg for a female and 7 kg for a male.

The height of the Bichon Frise will be about 11” for females and 12” for males. The weight of the Brison can be increased or decreased by feeding him well or not.

Usually, the weight of a Bichon Frise is affected by its height. To make the dog look taller, you have to cut its hair.

Color and Coat

A Brison is a beautiful dog that comes in different shades of white, brown, and grey, with floppy ears and a curly tail. There are also poodle mixes that have different colors of fur, which gives it a unique look that is unlike any other breed.

  • White Brison has characteristics of soft hair and white.
  • Brown Brison has characteristics of soft hair, brown, and white.
  • Black Brison have characteristics of soft hair, black and white.

Exercise Requirements of Brison Dog

Brison dogs need to be given a minimum amount of exercise to maintain their health. Most of the exercise they need will be in the form of play. It is active indoors and will adjust slowly to apartment life.

It is not enough if the dog just goes outside for walks. He will need to go on at least two walks a day, totaling about 20 minutes. Brison is not considered a high-energy breed.

Temperament of Bichon poodle

In general, the Bichon poodle is very playful and cheerful, which is usually very happy and content. It is known to be very affectionate with its owners and a very loyal companion.

It is also very friendly towards children, strangers, other dogs, and other pets that it may have been brought up with. It is happy in a home with other pets, but it is not a breed that is good to be left outside all of the time.

In general, it is a very friendly dog, which is devoted to its family.


According to the Bichon Frise Club of America, a brison dog can live from 12 to 15 years.  The lifespan of dogs varies widely, depending on their size, health, lifestyle, and diet.

Some dogs will live a long life, while others will only live for a few years. If you’re concerned about how long your brison dog will live on average, it’s a good idea to talk to a local veterinarian.

What to Feed Brison Dogs?

Brison’s food or diet should be rich in proteins and fats and vitamins. It is blessed with a double coat – long and silky. Their coat requires a lot of nutrients that are obtained from the food.

In order to maintain the quality of their coat, it is advised to feed them food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins. The ingredients of the food should be fresh.

Avoid giving them any kind of spices, salt, etc. Food that is rich in proteins and fat is essential for the growth, development, and betterment of the dog’s coat.

So, it is advised to give them food that can fulfill their requirements and not waste their time and money on unnecessary food.

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Grooming needs of brison dog

Brison dog needs daily grooming. A nice and thick coat needs to be brushed a couple of times a week to maintain its healthy and shiny look. If you just get a decent brush and comb, it will be very good for removing the dead hair and dirt from the coat.

You can even use a soft rubber brush for removing the collar dirt and loose hair from the undercoat. Also, Bichon Frise needs regular bathing. A good bath once a week is enough to keep him fresh and clean.

Use a good dog shampoo and make sure it is made especially for dogs.

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Most companionship dog breeds are easy to train. The Brison is no exception. It’s a very social and naturally inquisitive dog that loves to please.

They are so affectionate, loving, and playful that people-pleasing is easy for them. So if you can get your Bichon to love learning, you will have a very simple time teaching him all the commands you want.

Common Health Problems in Brison Dog

Brisons are mostly prone to eye problems, ear infections, and luxating patella. Eye problems are common because of their long hair which sticks to the eyes and can cause irritation.

Ear infections occur when their ears are not kept clean. Brison dogs are also prone to the luxating patella. This is a common disease that affects almost all dogs.

Many dogs have this disease but don’t show any symptoms. It’s good to keep a check on your dog’s health for early detection.

Behavior with children

bison dogs are great with children and like cuddling and hugging. It is a great dog to have as a pet. These dogs bring a lot of joy to their owners. They get along great with kids.


Being a small dog, a Brison dog is very adaptable for living. It can be living in an apartment as well as in a house. It is even possible to have a Brison at your small apartment.

The fact is that Brison is a small dog, who doesn’t need much exercise or space. It gets along well with children and other pets. With the right training, frisé can become an excellent guard dog.

They can provide security for the whole family if needed. They are friendly and kind, and it is easy to train them.

Pros and Cons of owning Brison dog


  • Brison dogs are very intelligent, easy to train and quite playful.
  • They love to play with other dogs and are great with children.
  • They don’t shed as much as other dogs and are hypoallergenic.
  • It is estimated that they are the 2nd least likely dog to have an allergy.
  • They do not require a lot of grooming.
  • Intelligent and playful Great with children


  • Bichon Frise can be very sensitive to heat and require protection from the sun.
  • They are not as tolerant to cold as other dog breeds, so they need protection from the colder weather.
  • They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time and can become depressed if left alone for long periods of time.
  • They can also be prone to separation anxiety.
  • They are smart, but can be stubborn, especially if they know they are being treated differently than other members of their family.


In this blog, we have explained why you should get a Brison dog. We have covered everything from their origins to the physical characteristics of the breed.

We have also highlighted some important health issues to watch out for and some of the training they require. If you want to learn more about this beautiful breed, we encourage you to read on.

FAQs about Brison dog

What is Brison dog price?

bichon frise price

Generally, the Brison price is about $300 for a healthy pup. However, when it comes to purchasing a purebred dog, the price can vary significantly depending on the breeder, the size and age of the pup, and the location.
For instance, a 4-month-old Bichon Frise from a reputable breeder in Dallas may cost $1,500 to $3,000 while the same puppy from a breeder in New York City may cost $3,000 to $7,000.

Do Brison dog Smell?


Yes, Brison does smell. Just like other dogs, They do have a distinct dog smell. There are several reasons for their dog smell. Their coats have dander and skin flakes, which contain the dog smell.
Also, their ears, eyes, and paws have a smell. They have a dog smell because they are dogs.

Is Brison Dog Smart?

Yes, they are very smart dogs. They are known to be very obedient and loyal. This is because they were originally bred as companion dogs. They were bred to be very tolerant of children and they are very easy to train.
They are very playful dogs and they do very well in agility competitions.

Are Brison dogs Hard to Potty Train?

Brisons are notoriously hard to potty train, but with enough patience and consistent training, you’ll be able to train your Brison to go potty outside within a week.
The problem is that brison are bred for show, which means they are very fluffy, which means that they tend to be harder to housebreak. When housebreaking your brison, you’ll want to start by taking it out around the same time, every day.
This can help the dog to associate the act of going outside with something to look forward to. Once you start taking your dog outside, you’ll want to pay attention to when it goes so you can reward the dog.
Try to find some sort of treat that the dog likes; this will help the dog to associate going potty outside with something positive.

Can Brison Stay Home alone?

Brison dogs can generally go home alone, but it is generally not recommended for them to stay home for long periods of time. The breed is very sensitive and doesn’t do well when left alone.
They need their family members around to make them feel good and happy. It isn’t a good idea to leave the Bichon Frise at home alone for more than 12 hours per day, which would be dangerous for the dog’s health.

Do Brison dogs Bark a lot?

No, brison is not a barker by nature, nor is it considered to be a yappy dog. However, if he feels that his territory is being threatened or violated, he will let you know it!
They are known to bark when they are left alone, or when they are startled by something. If you can keep him out of harm’s way or teach him to accept when he is left alone, a Bichon will rarely bark.

How do you know if your Brison has allergies?

Dogs that have allergies will usually have continuous scratching, rubbing, or licking of the face, paws, or other body parts. The dog may have a rash on its face and paws and may chew frequently on its feet.
Some signs of a dog allergy may appear as a darkening of the skin due to constant scratching and licking.

How do you know if your Brison is depressed?

Depression in small breed dogs can be difficult to detect because there are many other factors that could be causing the behavioral changes. In cases where a dog is showing clear signs, such as not eating well for days, appearing lethargic and inactive, and not interacting with people or other pets, a veterinary visit may be warranted.

How to groom Brison dog?

Brisons are a breed of dog that is very fluffy and require more care than most breeds. To properly groom them, you need to brush their fur at least once a day and give them a bath about once every two weeks.
You should brush their teeth on a regular basis as well. Brison dogs do not shed, but they will get tangled in their fur which can be uncomfortable for the animal.

What are some of the health problems that Brison dogs are susceptible to?

Brison dogs are a toy breed that is known for their fluffy white coats. Due to the fluffy coat, bichons are susceptible to health problems such as hot spots and mats, which can lead to discomfort and itching.
In addition, the long hair of this breed often leads to eye loss from having too many hairs in the eye. Contrary to popular belief, the brison does not have a hypoallergenic coat so they can also suffer from pollen allergies.

Other common include hypothyroidism, patellar luxation, and keratoconjunctivitis Vernalis. One way to treat these health problems is with medication such as vitamin supplements, eye drops, and thyroid medication.

Are Brisons Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Yes, Brison dogs are hypoallergenic. Here are some facts that you need to know about hypoallergenic dog breeds. Hypoallergenic dogs are considered to be the dogs that do not shed and hence, do not produce any dander, brisons are one of them. This is a good dog for allergy suffers.


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