How to get the dog pee smell out of the wood deck? Know tips here

Dogs are family members for most people but sometimes they think of them as a bad guest, who ruins their house.

Dogs can smell like a skunk or sometimes, even worst! In that case, you don’t need a professional dog urine neutralizer, you need an odor eliminator, a cleaning solution that will help you to remove dog urine smell from the house, and your favorite wood deck.

This blog explores this topic and looks into how you can get dog pee smell out of the wood deck?

Why does dog urine smell problematic?

Pet urine odor can cause many problems.

First, it can make your home stink.

Second, your pet’s urine is full of toxic nitrates and ammonia, which can only cause problems for the family that lives there.

And finally, your dog might get used to peeing in the house, even if you don’t want him to.

What are the factors to consider when cleaning a deck?

So you have an outdoor wood deck with pet stains on it, the smell is quite horrendous and you are looking for a solution.

Your deck is made of hardwood, despite your pet having peed on it. This is a common occurrence in many households with pets.

The top thing to remember when cleaning pee from a wooden deck is to not use bleach or ammonia. Bleach will bleach out the wood and the pee stain, but it will also bleach out the wood around the stain, causing the wood to become fragile.

Ammonia will actually “set” the urine into the wood, which is not good, but it will also cause the wood to become brittle and eventually fall apart.

What’s the best solution to clean a deck from dog urine?

Urethane is a popular wood stain and sealer that is highly effective for wood decking, and will naturally block a dog’s urine smell from coming through.

The Urethane will help seal the wood, and it will inhibit most oils that are in dog urine and will block the urine smell from coming through.

The Urethane will be highly resistant to UV exposure, and it will be long-lasting as well. You can also use several other products to seal the dog pee out, but the Urethane will be the best choice.

wood deck

Another way is that if the wood is new or pressure-treated,

you can use a mixture of 2 or 3 parts white vinegar and 1 part water.

First, wipe up as much of the urine as possible, being careful to avoid spreading it around any more than necessary.

Next, mix the vinegar solution, and then apply it to the affected area using a spray bottle.

After letting it soak into the wood for about a minute, you can use a clean, soft cloth to blot up the vinegar solution, removing as much of the urine as possible.

Of course, you can use a pressure washer if the pet urine has dried onto the wood, but do not use a pressure washer on the decking if it is made from cedar, redwood, pine, or other softwoods, as the high-pressure water stream can cause irreparable damage to the wood.

You can also use a commercial pet odor eliminator product if you prefer, although you should identify the best one for your needs and apply it according to the directions on the package.


For those of you who are wondering how to clean a deck with bleach or vinegar, we hope this article has helped you out.

We know that cleaning your deck is a tough job, and we want to make sure that you are able to do it quickly and efficiently.

Please leave a comment below so that we can answer any questions you may have. Thanks for reading!


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