Why Lilac French Bulldogs are Taking Over the Frenchie World in 2022

Owning a Lilac French bulldog not only makes your heart happy but also gives you a bundle of joy. If you are planning to buy a bulldog, you surely would want to know everything about it before deciding on the purchase.

This blog discusses the different aspects of a Lilac French bulldog and how to pick the perfect one for you.

Origin of Lilac French Bulldog

The lilac Frenchie is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. The isabella merle french bulldog was first bred in the 1800s in France. It is a rare color and was originally used as a show dog.

There are several different colors of french bulldogs, but the lilac color is the rarest. Lilac french is also known as Isabella French bulldog.

Lilac French Bulldog
Lilac French Puppy

Vital Stats

Dog Breed Group

Comapnion Dogs

Breed size



11-13 inches (males)

10-12 inches (female)


Male 20 to 30 pounds
Female 19 to 29 pounds


11-14 Years



Coat Type


Coat Length


Coat Color

very Light Blue, almost silver looking

Litter Size

3 Puppies average

Country of Origin


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Breed Characteristics

Physical Needs

Exercise Needs

Energy Level


Lilac French Bulldogs require low exercise because they have a high capacity for energy. They are not typically prone to obesity and can live in relatively small spaces, making them ideal candidates for homes with smaller yards or apartments. Because they are so active indoors, They require only a small amount of daily exercise to be happy and healthy.

Lilac French Bulldogs are considered medium energy dogs. They have plenty of energy, but they don't require a lot of exercise. They are also good choices for city living, as they're not too big or small and can navigate their way around easily.

Lilac French bulldogs are known for their playful nature. They enjoy playing with their owners and other family members, whether it's chasing a ball or wrestling. They are also known for their gentle temperament, making them ideal pets for families with children.

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Kids Friendly

Dogs Friendly

Strangers Freindly

Lilac French bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and they're especially popular with kids. They're known for being gentle and loving, and they're great pets for families. Lilac French bulldogs are also very adaptable, so they can usually get along well with other animals and children.

Lilac French bulldogs are typically good with other dogs and can be trusted around them. They can become excited or reactive when they meet new dogs, but they usually get along well once they get to know each other.

Lilac French bulldogs are strangers friendly. They are very social, and will usually get along with other animals and people. They make good pets for those who want a friendly dog that is also relatively easy to care for. 

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Apartment Living

Good for new owner

Sensetivity Level

Lilac French bulldogs make great apartment dogs. Thye are becoming more popular as people realize how versatile and friendly these dogs are. They make great apartment dogs because they do not require a lot of space and they are usually very quiet. Lilac French bulldogs are relatively small dogs, so they don't take up much floor space or resources in an apartment.

Lilac French bulldogs are great for first time dog owners. They are gentle, playful, and have a great personality. They make good family pets because they are loyal and loving.

Lilac French bulldog sensitivity level is medium. They are known for their gentle nature and medium sensitivity. They can be very emotional creatures, and some may find them to be overly sensitive.


Easy To Train


Tendency To Bark Or Howl

Lilac French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds because they are easy to train. They have a kind and gentle nature, which makes them great pets for those who want an obedient dog. Lilac French Bulldogs are reliable and obedient when trained correctly, making them ideal for families with children or other pets.

Lilac French Bulldogs are one of the smartest dog breeds. They have above average intelligence, which is evident by their ability to learn quickly and their uncanny ability to navigate around homes and apartments. They are also very social animals and make great family pets.

Lilac French bulldogs are not as prone to barking as other breeds of dogs. French Bulldogs are not always barkers. In fact, many Lilac French Bulldogs are quite docile and friendly. This makes them good candidates for families with children or small animals who may be afraid of loud noises.

Tolerance Level

Tolerates Being Alone

Tolerates Cold Weather

Tolerates Hot Weather

Lilac French Bulldog can't handle being alone. This breed is very social and needs constant companionship, whether it's a human or another dog. If left alone for an extended period of time, They can become restless and destructive.

Lilac French bulldogs can survive in cold weather but they can't handle extreme cold weather. Temperatures below freezing can cause the dog to become sluggish and have trouble breathing. If you live in a cold climate, make sure your Lilac French bulldog has plenty of warm bedding, a warm place to sleep, and plenty of water.

Lilac French Bulldogs are one of the many dog breeds that are known to dislike warm weather. This is because they have a low tolerance for heat and can get overheated easily. When the weather is too hot, this can lead to problems such as panting and even heat stroke.

Health And Grooming Needs

Easy to Groom

General Health

Amount of shedding

Lilac French Bulldogs are easy to groom, and their coats require little maintenance. They typically have a short, smooth coat that can be brushed once a week to keep it clean and free from tangles. If your dog has a long coat, you will need to brush it at least twice a week to keep it looking tidy. They also have relatively small ears that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or ear cleaner.

Lilac French bulldog puppies are prone to developing a number of health problems, but with proper care and nutrition, these can be greatly reduced or eliminated. French bulldogs are susceptible to several congenital health conditions, such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. In order to minimize the chances of developing serious health conditions, Lilac French bulldogs should receive regular veterinary checkups and be provided with the appropriate diet and exercise.

Lilac have a medium amount of shedding, which is actually pretty average for a dog that size. They need to be brushed about once a week to help keep their coats clean and healthy. If their coats get too matted, you can brush them using a wire brush or special dog hair brush.


Affection with family

Drooling Potential

Lilac French Bulldogs are a great addition to any family. They are gentle, loving, and obedient dogs that make great pets for all ages. They are also very good with children, making them excellent choices for families with small children. They are also easy to housetrain and have low energy levels, making them perfect for people who want a dog that is not too active or demanding.

Lilac French Bulldogs are known for their drooling behavior, but it's not as common as you might think. This breed doesn't drool as much as other breeds, and they typically only drool when they're eating or drinking. When they are happy, excited, or stressed, they may drool a little bit, but it's nothing like what you see in other breeds.

lilac fawn french bulldog
lilac fawn french bulldog
Image credit: Kylie

Pros and Cons of Lilac French Bulldogs



  • Apartment living

  • Good for novice owners

  • Affectionate with family

  • Easy to groom

  • Not much Drooling

  • Playful

  • Hot weather

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Diet and Nutrition Tips

Lilac French Bulldogs are small but muscular dogs. They need about one-and-a-half cups of food per day, split into two meals.

French Bulldogs should have a high-quality diet that includes Rawhide bones as part of their daily ration. Owners should also feed their dogs’ plenty of fresh water and exercise them regularly to keep them healthy and happy.

Puppy AgeMeal Frequency
0-3 months4 small meals a day
3-6 months3 small meals a day
6-12 months2 medium-sized meals a day
More than 12 monthsAccording to individual nutritional needs


Lilac French Bulldogs are one of the most affectionate and gentle dog breeds. They make great pets for people who want a loyal friend that is also good with children.

They typically have a mild temperament and are not prone to being aggressive or destructive. However, they should be supervised around small children since they can be playful and may knock them over if they get too excited.

What to look for when buying a lilac (Isabella) french bulldog

When looking to buy a french bulldog, it is important to consider a few factors, as we know buying a puppy is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research and planning. Some key factors are;

Breeder: When looking to buy a lilac french bulldog, be sure to find a breeder who is knowledgeable about the breed and has had experience raising them.

Look for a breeder who offers references and guarantees their dogs’ health and temperament. Additionally, be sure to ask the breeder about Lilacs in the breed registry, as this is an indication of the dog’s quality.

Inspection: If you are looking to buy a puppy, it is important to inspect the pup while still at the shelter or rescue organization.

There are many things you can look for when inspecting a puppy, including temperament, size, and weight, coat quality and condition, eyes and ears, heart shape and caliber (including checking for tumors), paws, and nails.

Some of these things may be impossible to see at home, so it is best to take the pup for a walk and see how well it behaves on a leash in order to get an idea of its energy level.

lilac merle french bulldog
lilac merle french bulldog Image credit: california el frenies

Know parents: When buying a puppy, it is important to meet the parents. This will help to ensure that the pup you are getting is healthy and well-adjusted. It can also give you a better idea of what type of personality your pup will have.

If you cannot meet the parents, make sure to talk to someone who has adopted or fostered one of the puppies before making your purchase.

Check Health/Medical records: Puppy buyers should always ensure that they have a clear medical history and certification before buying a puppy. Many reputable breeders will require these records before selling a puppy.

While it is not always possible to obtain these records, doing so can help protect both buyer and pup. Puppies that are not properly vaccinated or treated for common illnesses can be detrimental to their health in the long run, so being knowledgeable about their backgrounds is important.

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The cost of a Lilac French Bulldog

The cost of a Lilac French Bulldog can vary depending on many factors. A Lilac French Bulldog can cost anywhere from $5000 to $7000.

Factors that affect the Lilac French bulldog price

lilac merle french bulldog
french bulldog

Location: Location has always been correlated with the price of goods and services.

It is no different for the Lilac French bulldog. The location of where a Lilac French bulldog is bred affects the price that it will fetch.

The most expensive Lilac French bulldogs are usually born in Europe or North America, while the cheapest ones can be found in Asia.

European and North American buyers are more likely to pay a premium for a rare breed, and those living in colder climates are more willing to pay for a dog that will be able to keep them warm in winter.

Breeder Reputation: Breeders with a good reputation among Lilac French bulldog enthusiasts are typically able to charge higher prices for their puppies than Breeders with a poor reputation.

This is because buyers who are familiar with high-quality French bulldog breeders are more likely to choose one over a vendor who they know has low standards.

Breeders that have been in the business for a while and have built up a reputable reputation are also more likely to have healthy, well-socialized puppies.

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Breed purity: The purity of the breed is an important factor when it comes to French bulldog prices.

Breeders who are concerned about having puppies that are purebred will be more likely to charge more for their dogs than those who have mixed-breed puppies.

Those who want a purebred French bulldog may have to wait longer for one to become available, and they may have to pay a higher price.

Puppy Size: Puppy size has a direct impact on the Lilac French bulldog price.

Puppies born smaller are less likely to sell for as much money, while puppies born larger are more likely to.

This is due to the fact that smaller puppies are seen as being of lesser quality and can be difficult to handle, while larger puppies tend to be more adaptable and therefore command a higher price.

Show Quality dog: The Lilac French bulldog is a purebred dog and as such, there is a demand for quality specimens.

Breeders who are able to produce dogs with consistent show quality will be rewarded with higher prices for dogs.

Quality of parents: The quality of parents has a significant impact on the Lilac French bulldog price. Well-bred dogs are typically more expensive than those that are not, and this is especially true for Lilacs.

Lilac French Bulldog health issues

Lilac French bulldog owners are often concerned about their dog’s health. These dogs are prone to some common health problems. Some of the most common conditions French bulldog owners should be aware of include:
1. Hip dysplasia
2. Bloat
3. Gastric torsion
4. Epilepsy
5. Obesity
6. Allergies
7. Skin issues

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Faqs about Lilac French Bulldog

Why are lilac french bulldogs so expensive?

Lilac French Bulldogs are one of the rarest breeds of dogs, and as a result, their prices are quite high.

Additionally, They are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. Lilac French Bulldogs are often favored by celebrities and wealthy people who want to show their wealth and status.

This means that Lilac French Bulldogs are often more expensive than other breeds.

Do Lilac French Bulldogs Have Health Issues?

The Lilac French Bulldogs are a breed of dog that is known for its wrinkled skin, floppy ears, and playful personality. However, these dogs do have some health issues that should be considered before purchasing one.

One of the most common health issues associated with Lilac French Bulldogs is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the hip joint does not fit correctly and can cause severe pain and difficulty walking.

Additionally, Lilac French Bulldogs are prone to other health issues such as allergies, epilepsy, and heart disease. If you are considering purchasing a Lilac French Bulldog, it is important to research their health history so you can make an informed decision.

Are blue and lilac French bulldogs recognized by the AKC?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a registry of purebred dogs, and blue and lilac French bulldogs are both recognized by the AKC.

The AKC recognizes the colors of these dogs as being part of the French bulldog breed.

Does a dilute gene affect the French bulldog’s health?

Yes, a diluted gene could mean that these dogs have a weaker immune system and may be more prone to developing diseases.

what’s the difference between lilac and a blue french bulldog?

There is a big difference between the two breeds of French bulldog. Lilacs are typically a light purple or pink and Blues are typically a blue color.

They also have different body types – Lilacs tend to have more delicate frames, while Blues are usually more muscular.

Finally, their personalities vary quite a bit as well. Lilacs are usually sweeter-natured and can be quite docile, while Blues can be more mischievous.

Are lilac french bulldogs rare?

Yes, lilac French Bulldogs are quite a rare breed of dog. In fact, the American Kennel Club (AKC) only registers around 2,000 of these dogs each year.

That’s because they’re considered a “luxury” breed and typically cost more than other breeds.

Why are French bulldogs bred in Germany so large?

French bulldogs are bred in Germany so large because of their popularity as working dogs. The French bulldog was originally bred in France to protect cattle and other livestock from wolves.

Today, the French bulldog is still used as a working dog in many countries but is most popular in Germany where it is used as a police dog and mascot.

In order to produce the largest and strongest French bulldogs possible, German breeders select dogs from larger bloodlines. This results in a greater chance of producing a healthy and strong dog that can handle tough tasks.

Can Lilac French bulldog wear mouthguards?

There are many benefits of wearing a mouthguard, especially for lilac French bulldogs.
These animals have a wide lower jaw which can collide with other objects, resulting in teeth damage or even injury. Mouthguards also help to protect against tooth decay and gum disease.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a mouthguard for your Lilac.

The size of the dog’s mouth will be one factor to consider; most types of mouthguards fit dogs between the ages of 7 and 14 weeks, but they will gradually grow in size as the dog matures.

The type of material used in the construction of the guard also matters: silicone is preferred because it’s comfortable and doesn’t cause skin irritation.

Why does my lilac stare in the back seat when riding in the car?

There could be any number of reasons why your dog is fixated on the area behind them, but some potential explanations include boredom, anxiety, or fear.

While it may seem like a nuisance at first, staring intently at the backseat can actually help keep your pet safe while traveling.

When dogs are bored or anxious, they may start to behave unpredictably and this could lead to accidents. Staring out the window also offers them a sense of control and can help reduce stress levels.

However, if your dog is displaying signs of fear such as being reactive to sounds or movement from behind the seat, speak with your veterinarian about possible treatments.

Are lilac fawn French bulldogs rare?

Lilac fawn French bulldogs are a rare color variation of the breed. They are distinguished by their unique coat color, which is a pale gray or fawn with darker highlights.

Lilac fawn French bulldogs are considered to be very rare. They are sometimes referred to as “chocolate carriers,” since their color is similar to that of chocolate-colored dogs.


The Lilac French Bulldog is a great companion for both families and singles. They are also very loyal to their owners and are not hard to train.

They also enjoy having a job to do and are especially good at alerting their owners if anyone is approaching the house.

They are very touching and sensitive and do not like to be left alone or ignored. They are playful throughout their lives and like to be included in family activities.

If you can provide a loving and affectionate home, a long walk, food, and a place to sleep, you will have a friend for life in your lilac french bulldog.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected] We are always happy to help.


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