7 Signs dog crate is too small! How to choose the right crate size for your dog?

Dogs love to play and run around. But, if you try to keep your dog in an area that is too small for him, he is not going to be too happy. What do we mean by that? Well, all dogs need space. They need room to play and run around. What happens when you don’t give your dog enough room to run? You try to keep your dog in a crate that is not big enough for him. This post is about how you can measure your dog’s crate, use the right dog crate size, and keep your dog in the crate for the right.

What is the purpose of a crate?

A dog crate is a good place to confine your dog while you’re not home. A crate offers your dog a private, safe environment that is completely separate from the rest of your house. A confined space also prevents your dog from chewing on electrical cables or accessing dangerous items around the house. A crate makes traveling with your dog much more convenient and safe and is a great tool for training.

A crate can be very useful for many different purposes and is not just for travel. It can be a safe place for your dog to go when you’re driving. It can prevent your pet from getting into trouble while driving or while leaving your home. Crates can also be useful when you have visitors coming over for a short period of time. Despite the benefits, your dog will probably be more contented in its cage than you will be.

When you have visitors over, a crate can help them feel safe and secure. It is also helpful for training your dog to avoid messing up where he is sleeping. A kennel is like a super house training tool, preventing your dog from doing anything mischievous when you are away. A kennel is a perfect solution for when you’re busy and can’t supervise your dog.

signs dog crate is too small

How do you know if a dog crate is too small?

When looking for a dog crate, the first step is to measure the length of your dog. Don’t include his tail if he doesn’t have one. If your dog’s tail is thick and hard, it will probably hit the top of the crate when he wags it.

A dog crate must be large enough for your pup. A crate should be long enough to allow your dog to turn around comfortably and defecate. The width of the kennel should be large enough to allow your dog to lie down and turn around in comfort.

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Signs that dog crate is too small

There are some signs dog crate is too small, like;

  • A dog that’s too confined may develop anxious and destructive behavior, such as barking and whining, chewing the crate, and scratching at the door.
  • You can also observe behaviors such as restlessness, refusal to go out, depression, elimination when in the crate, etc.
  • Dogs should move around inside the crate, lie down, rollover, lie on their side, and sit. If your dog is unable to do any of the above, then there is a good possibility that the crate is too small.

Tips for buying a Dog crate

To determine the size of a crate, measure your pet’s length from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. Add two to four inches to these measurements, and then add an additional inch or two to accommodate the tail. The width of the crates should be wide enough for your dog to turn around comfortably. For added comfort, consider adding an extra inch to the length of the crate for the height.

The length of your dog should be measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. If your dog has thick ears, measure from the tips of their ears to the base of their shoulders. The length of your dog should be three to six inches longer than its maximum bodyweight. Make sure you add at least three inches to the maximum height of the dog. In addition, if your pet’s tail extends beyond its shoulder, make sure the crate is taller than it is long.

A crate should be at least two to six inches long and six inches taller than your dog’s actual size. For a small breed, two to four inches of extra space is sufficient; for a large breed, an extra six inches are needed. For multiple dogs, you should purchase a larger size. When buying a crate, keep in mind that the crate should be at least one inch wider than the dog.


A dog crate is a must-have for any dog owner, as it provides a secure place for your dog to chill out and feel comfortable. A dog crate is also a great way to train your dog to obey commands such as staying in a specific area or when it’s time to rest. We hope you enjoyed our article about how to determine if your dog crate is too small. We hope that it helps you pick out the perfect crate for your dog. If you have any other questions about crates please feel free to comment below.

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