9 Signs Your Dog Really Trusts You!

If you’ve ever wondered whether your dog really trusts you, then you’re not alone.

Many dog owners have speculated that if they could really communicate with their dog then they would find out exactly how much the dog trusts them.

The good news is that it is possible to tell if your dog trusts you.

In this blog, I go over 10 signs that can show you if your dog really trusts you or not.

dog trusts you

Dog shares things with you 

If your dog is sharing something with you like a toy or a bone, it’s a sign of affection.

Why? Dogs use their toys as a way to show dominance and make other dogs back off. But when a dog offers a toy to you, it’s a way to show that you’re part of the pack.

If your dog is sharing his toys with you, it’s a sign that he’s showing trust in you.

That’s why sometimes when you tell your pet to fetch something, they’ll bring it right to you and offer it up.

Treat your dog right and trust them! They’ll trust you right back! You’re not just some stranger, you’re part of the pack!

Dog Sleep with you

A ton of people have asked the following question:

Are my dogs trying to dominate me when they sleep with me? The answer is No. Dogs sleep with you to feel safe and protected.

They sleep with you so that if anything happens, they wake up with you to warn them.

They sleep with you because they trust you! Think about it! How many times has your dog ever woken you up by growling or barking?

The answer is probably….never. However, if you’ve ever been woken up by your dog growling or barking, then you know the reason why.

Dogs are naturally packed animals, and they instinctively feel the need to warn their dominant member (which would be you!) of danger.

So, if your dog wants to sleep with you, it’s because they trust you!! 

Eye Contact

The gaze of a dog with its owner is an indication of trust, affection, and bonding.

Eye contact helps the dog to feel safe around the human. Eye contact conveys that they can come up close to you without fear of being hurt.

This is because they know that you won’t harm them in any way. This is also true in reverse, where the owner’s eye contact with his or her dog helps create a connection between them.

Positive response of Training

Dogs are predisposed to trust their owners.

If they do not trust their owner, they are less likely to respond well to training. A lack of trust can be one of many factors that lead to poor responses to training, including fear, boredom, or confusion.

Lack of trust may also cause confusion for the animal in how to react to commands leading them away from desired behaviors.

The best way to build a trusting relationship is through appropriate care and attention.

Doesn’t get panic when you leave him alone

Many dogs get panic when left alone at home. They usually run around the house and make a lot of noise, which can often cause other problems.

These signs were often seen by owners to mean that the dog was anxious, but recent studies show otherwise.

Dogs who don’t act out are actually showing trust in their owners. They know that their owner will not abandon them for long periods of time.

Recent studies have shown that dogs are able to predict your return by using their keen sense of smell.

Dogs are trained to sniff out unlawful things and people’s emotions, they can also detect certain human molecules that give away a person’s approximate time of arrival.

Confident and relaxed around you

When a dog feels its owner is not a threat, the dog will be able to express its true nature.

A dog with trust in its owner will be able to feel relaxed around them.

Dogs that are comfortable and relaxed in your presence are in a type of paradise. They are in the comfort of the one person that means the most to them.

Dogs that trust you will be happy and confident. They will also be more open and receptive to all that you have to say. And what’s not to love about dogs that love being around you?

Follow your Path

Dog owners have the tendency to spend a lot of time walking their dogs, being excitable when they arrive home from work or school, and throwing their dog treats.

If your dog follows your path, activity, and routine, it means he trusts you.

Put paw on you

It’s a very touching experience when a dog will put his paw on you. This means they trust you and have come to know you as their protector.

This gesture is very personal and shows that the dog has gained confidence in your personality, and feels comfortable around you. The bond between you and your dog is a special one.

Showing their body to you

Have you ever seen a dog show you its belly?

This is an indication that they feel safe when they are around you. They don’t fear that you will sink your jaws into them.

Laying down on their back with their feet pointed up is a sign of submission and it usually only happens when they are in the company of someone who they trust.

It is like a dog telling humans “I can trust you and I am okay with my vulnerability”.


There is no doubt that a dog can be a great companion and brings with it lots of love and companionship. Dogs want to be in our company and show us plenty of love and attention when we give them the time we both need.

Love them, they love you too. Feel them safe and protected. Strength your bonding your pet friend.


Hi, I am Deepmala. I am a crazy dog lady who loves all things dogs! I am also a pet nutritionist and dog first aid expert. I have completed the training course under the guidance of vet Dr. Sophie Bell - BVMS MRCVS and Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS. I offer unique insights into keeping your furry friend healthy and happy.

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