How To Teach Dog Not To Destroy Toys?

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, but they do have their quirks. Some of them can be funny and heart-touching while some can be destructive. If you have been wondering why your dog loves to destroy toys, then wonder no more. This blog will look at why dogs destroy toys, what you can do to stop it, and how to teach them how to chew appropriately.

How To Teach Dog Not To Destroy Toys

Why dog destroy toys?

A dog may destroy a toy for a few reasons. In some cases, it may be out of boredom, a dog that is bored will tend to direct his or her frustration towards things around them. Another thing maybe a way of getting your attention.

Risk of chewing toys

In addition to being unproductive and damaging to your property, a dog’s toy destruction can pose a serious health hazard. It can be life-threatening if a dog swallows a small piece of a toy and rips it open. Likewise, it can be a choking hazard. Many dog owners have had their dogs destroy their toys to make them more comfortable.

Besides the safety risk, destroying toys poses a health risk to your dog. A dog’s small pieces can become trapped in his or her throat, causing serious health problems. To avoid this, make sure your pet is always given a variety of toys with different shapes and sizes. By ensuring that your dog does not destroy toys, you’ll also prevent him from getting bored with them. This will make your dog more active and keep him or her happy, which will lead to more positive results.

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How To Teach Dog Not To Destroy Toys

The first step to teaching your dog not to destroy toys is to understand the behavior. A dog will not learn to play properly if he or she isn’t given a reason to do it. However, when he or she is bored, the toy will become a more rewarding activity. If your dog does not want to play with a toy, consider giving it more durable ones.

When a dog gnaws on a toy, it is best to take it out immediately. If a toy starts to shred, you must remove it immediately. If your dog continues to chew on it, offer to replace it. Reward him or her with attention, praise, and play. This will make him or her stop chewing on it altogether. But don’t leave your dog with an errant toy!


It is essential to teach dogs to play with toys. Dogs who are not trained to play with toys are more likely to develop obsessive behaviors, such as excessive chewing, digging, and barking. Training dogs to play with toys is a good way to keep them entertained and to provide them with a positive outlet for their energy.

If your dog destroys the toys all the time, you should take him to the vet to make sure he doesn’t have an underlying medical condition that is causing him to act out. Once the dog is healthy, try to figure out why he is destroying the toys. Has your dog been properly trained not to chew on things he shouldn’t? If not, try to figure out why.

Perhaps you’ve created a situation that makes him uncomfortable because he’s not comfortable with the situation. Dogs tend to be resourceful, so you may want to try to find a way to make the toys more fun for them. For instance, if he only wants to chew on the squeaky toys, maybe you can change the squeaky part or buy a new toy with a squeaker he might like better.


Why do dogs chew stuffed animals?

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew and therefore, stuffed toys are a great source of chewing. Stuffed toys are also soft, colorful, and made of many materials that dogs enjoy chewing like cotton, polyester, and plastic. In the wild, dogs chew on logs, sticks, and bones. Chewing is a way to relieve their stress. Dogs also make stuffed toys chew because they can’t resist the squeaking sound it makes. Dogs chew or destroy stuffed toys because they are bored or they need to eliminate their energy, which is why they chew these toys. You can also look up dog chew toys on the internet because they are very easy to find.


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